Yoga – Moving with Awareness

Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’, is humanity’s original system of inner exploration and personal growth. It is a process of purifying your body and mind, bringing balance to all aspects of your Being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The goal of the modern yogi is no different to that of the ancient yogi… to live a happy and harmonious life.

Classical Yoga Classes – Moving with Awareness
I offer a holistic experience:  each 90 minute class includes instruction in Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breath work) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation and meditation techniques).

Practice is slow and deep with focussed intention on micro movements: this creates suppleness and strength in your body and clarity and stillness in your mind.

The alchemical process of yoga practice clears previously blocked energy channels, healing the wounds from your past and realigning your being with True self.  This journey of awareness cultivates acceptance and compassion for the actual state of your body, heart and mind in the moment and nurtures a harmonious and vital Life.    See for an in-depth explanation on Awareness.

Please email  to book your private yoga session.  I have been offering yoga classes, groups and individual, since 2006.

Paths of Yoga
There are different paths that facilitate your process towards Yoga, union – union with your own being, with others and with Life in the present moment:

  • Hatha Yoga is the path of balance and integration.  It is the science of the physical body and includes practices to balance and harmonise body, breath, mind and emotions.  Ha represents the sun symbolising outgoing, positive masculine energy.  Ta represents the moon symbolising reflective, receptive feminine energy.  The practice of hatha yoga integrates these two polarities of your personality so that you feel centred.  It not only acts on the physical body, but also on your emotions, vitality and thinking bringing a balance which can open you up to higher Awareness.
  • Kriya Yoga is the path of circulating energy.  Kriya means ‘to move’ so this path is concerned with practical and experiential methods of harmonising the natural energies of your being to allow physical, etheric and mental energies to flow in a powerful and creative way without suppression.
  • Mantra Yoga is the path of sound.  Mantra means ‘revealed sound’ and is a sound or combination of sounds which develop spontaneously.  Mantras do not have specific meanings, their power is in the sound vibrations created when the mantra is vocalised or when it arises in the mind.  Chanting mantra engages and calms the conscious mind, purifies the subconscious mind and creates a resonance between your personality and inner Being.
  • Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion and awakens your heart to the Divine Presence.  Bhakti comes from the Sanskrit root word bhaja which means ‘to adore, love, serve.’  Bhakti Yoga opens your heart to trust in the Divine Presence.
  • Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action and loosely translated means ‘working with awareness’.  It teaches you that work is a tool to go deeper in your spiritual understanding. To act appropriately in each situation, to the best of your ability without the need for any reward, recognition or gratitude, whilst being totally in the present moment is the ideal of Karma Yoga.
  • Gyana Yoga is the path of direct insight:  wholehearted inquiry into and reflection on the nature of Life which leads to the realisation of spiritual Truths.

Yoga is an invaluable practical tool, a philosophical system and a way of life that awakens peace, wisdom, purpose and joy in your life.

Feel balanced, awake and fully alive!


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My journey with Wendy started with yoga, and after a few months I felt I'd like to take this journey further as I was already beginning to experience the benefits of this new lifestyle. I then began coaching with Wendy on a bi-monthly basis. From the first session we uncovered the self limiting beliefs and fear based patterns that were present and ruling my life.  During each session Wendy gently guides me to do the work within, and in so doing, allowing me to live the newness of life as I'm learning not to be controlled by these old patterns.

I leave each session feeling at ease and renewed, having learned a lot about myself.  Wendy helped me live the following: "Know thyself, Be Thyself and love Thyself". Each session is a profound experience... and this is only just the beginning!

Thank you Wendy, for being part of my journey. Thank you for being an amazing mentor.  I'm glad and blessed to journey the road of self acceptance and self discovery with you. Thank you for helping me see the potential and beauty within.  May you have prosperity in your practice and all your endeavours and continue to shine your light so others can see the light within.

Harvard Letsoalo July 22, 2015

“Yoga is a discipline to improve the quality of life. A philosophy to attain peace.
If you want to experience health, if you want to experience peace and to evolve,
make yoga a part of your life-style.”

— Swami Satyananda Saraswati