Body-Centred Conscious Counselling & Coaching

A journey home into Wholeness

We carry anxiety, depression, unresolved anger, grief, shame as well as the impact of stress from our daily lives in our bodies.

The effects of developmental emotional trauma as well as life crises, can leave us feeling shut down, like we are unloved, that we are not enough or that we don’t belong. 

This influences who we are and how we behave and has a major impact on the quality of our daily lives, our relationships and our well-being.

The Process

These somatic therapy and transformational sessions are a journey home to all of yourself: an invitation to open to the unconscious and wounded parts. 

I work directly with your nervous system and gently invite you to keep turning towards what is painful or what you fear.  As you learn how to courageously feel this in your body, something in you relaxes, is accepted and comes to peace.  

Trust the intuitive knowing of your Heart

By connecting more & more with your body’s natural intelligence, healing from daily stress, as well as the core wounds of personal and collective trauma, takes place. 

Compassionate enquiry and reflection supports the unraveling of unconscious cultural patterning and limiting beliefs.

I guide you into trusting the inner knowing of your heart.  From this felt connection and clarity, true empowerment and sustainable change takes place.  

Each session is an organic unfolding which allows me to work with what you bring in the moment. 

The sessions include deep listening, dialogue and enquiry as well as somatic intelligence, breath awareness and guided process meditation. 

This work is informed by the non-dual understanding of life and consciousness. In one sense it is deeply spiritual. And at the same time these sessions are very practical and grounded in every day reality.

Our healing, living and spiritual evolution is all interconnected

  • Explore your circumstances, thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a kind and supportive way
  • Understand how childhood experiences and societal conditioning influences your life today
  • Realise the external situation is a reflection of yourself and an invitation to transformation 
  • Discover the intelligence of your nervous system to support psycho-somatic healing
  • Grow in self awareness and cultivate intimate and meaningful relationships with yourself, others and life
  • Learn how to communicate transparently and relate authentically
  • Support to feel and integrate shame, loss, grief and depression
  • Support to feel and integrate stress, anxiety, panic and fear
  • Feel heard.  Feel seen.  Feel felt.

If you feel called to engage in this deeply transformational work,
please connect to book your first session.

‘I look forward to receiving you from an unconditional place of acceptance and compassion.’

Lee-Anne Champagne
April 22, 2020

'Wendy is a transformative coach and counsellor, whose conscious connection approach has helped me tremendously to both manage a demanding job and move forward with personal goals. What’s more, I experienced the benefit of Wendy’s approach from my first session, straightaway experiencing a much needed and enhanced sense of groundedness, spaciousness and wellbeing.  She meets you where you are, and draws on her deep expertise and experience as well as fierce compassion, to bring calm and clarity.  Wendy has also taught me how to tap into my own inner wisdom and resourcefulness, enabling me to access personal strategies that I continue to use on a daily basis.'


“What really matters is your capacity to turn towards the tenderness of your heart
in the midst of that which offends you.” 
Amoda Maa