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I started with Wendy in late 2014. At first it was just  meditation sessions (which I brought my stepmom and she loved) where I saw a tremendous shift and change in myself. I then decided to see Wendy for private lessons. By the time I saw Wendy, I was changing industries. Going from Accounting to Music Production and Composition. Given how unpopular the decision was in my family, Wendy helped me navigate my path and held the space for me to live my truth. I could go on in detail but I would derail….. However from our (initially) bimonthly sessions Wendy helped me uncover and deal with my childhood trauma in the same constant loving, nurturing and for lack of a better word “strong” manner in which all our sessions are conducted. She not only mirrors yourself to yourself but facilitates the journey towards home, whatever that may be for you, while holding the space as you navigate your way home. Wendy has always been my first point of call. In our session she is an alchemist, a therapist, a facilitator, a mirror, a teacher and a “holder of space”. She has seen me and helped me navigate my highest highs and lowest lows. One thing I admired about Wendy (and still do) is that during her sessions, YOU navigate your way towards home. With her firm, loving and warming approach… She helps you navigate the journey towards home.
Wendy has helped me live my truth, honour my truth and helped me live my truest and most authentic expression of life. 
As I changed from Accounting to Production, she helped me find my strength. As I battled to define my sexuality, she helped me live it… I remember the drive to the Self Care retreat where I said, “Wendy, I have a boyfriend, but don’t know how to label my sexuality…. Wendy being Wendy asked “Who is the one that needs the definition? Does it have to be defined? Who does that definition serve? And from where do these labels come?” She literally challenged me (my take on our conversation) to live my truth and honour my being….. Why define that which is infinite and ever changing.
Warm as she is, she has always been stern. Being able to help one break any patterns that do not serve them.
With Wendy, I went through childhood trauma, became comfortable with my sexuality, changed disciplines and started 3 companies of my own all centered around my passion. 
She validated me and gave me the tools to validate myself. 
Wendy taught me to define Self Care for myself….. And live it. 
She taught me how to honour myself and live it. 
The processes were never easy. Like the Phoenix, I’ve broken down and risen up. 
The dedication towards the Self is a beautiful and ongoing journey. Not for the faint of heart (You will have to deal with those things left buried deep within).
Almost 5 years later, I’ve learned that the most challenging and rewarding task you’ll ever do is the inner work. 
From a 22 year old boy changing industries, as he grows up challenging not just his sexuality and the status quo to the 27 year old with 3 companies. Wendy has been exceptionally vital in the journey……… Not in making it easy or shielding you from anything…. But holding the space while you navigate your way towards your truth. 
Wendy, each day when I count my blessings, I thank God for you. For your gift and presence. You truly are a Heavenly being in a Sentient body. 
I honour, cherish, respect and love you. 
Thank you for helping me find and live 
Harvard Kabelo Letsoalo. 

Harvard Kabelo Letsoalo.  April 21, 2019

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