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Wendy is a healer who brings great compassion and wisdom to the therapeutic relationship. She has the depth of understanding, and of presence, to help clients plumb to the depths of what is holding them back. I recently experienced this for myself. During a session I was feeling unsure about what exactly was bothering me. On the surface I felt a vague anxiety, and sensed something that was not quite right. There was no outward reason for me to be like this, it was simply a sensation I’d been carrying around for a long time, and got used to. After some dialogue Wendy invited me to lie down while she did some Reiki on me. After a short while I felt something uncomfortable in the pit of my stomach. There was a feeling of sadness, although it felt stronger than sadness, and I identified it as ‘sorrow’ and ‘grief’. Sorrowful memories entered my awareness, but I tried not to attach myself too much to the stories, but rather to the feeling that I’d been avoiding for so long. I was able to grieve, and Wendy was expert in allowing me the space and time to feel and process what needed to be felt.

Afterward I talked through the experience with her, knowing that there would no judgement on her part, only compassion and understanding. Wendy has studied Buddhist and Yogic philosophy and is a very accomplished yogi. She is dedicated to helping others grow on path to wholeness, happiness and fulfilment. I heartily recommend her healing work.

Robert Douglas September 6, 2016

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