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I offer all therapies via Skype from 8am – 6pm Monday through to Friday.

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WhatsApp:+27 72 800 4982 or +62 821 4441 5209

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Wise Living Terms of Practice

24 hours notice is required for cancellations otherwise the appointment is charged for in full.

Payment is on the day via EFT.

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“As a seed is capable of becoming a tree, all human beings are also capable of realising their own full potential. In order for the seed to become a tree it must be planted in the soil – underground, in the dark, and almost forgotten. In relationship with the earth, the seed surrenders its separateness, its identity, its individuality, its ego. In fact, the seed allows itself to become one with the earth, only then its hidden energy bursts open and we see the green shoots emerging like a miracle.”

— Extract from ‘You are Therefore I Am’ Satish Kumar


Thank you to my friend Karan Walsch for her photographs.