Alchemist – facilitator of inner and outer transformation

“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the 
loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity and joy that lie at our core.”
Thomas Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul

I was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.  My schoolgirl dream was to travel the world.  Shortly after my 22nd birthday and a job promotion, I left the safety of the family home to follow my hearts yearning of experiencing other lands and cultures. 

After 8 years of nomadic living, which was an aspect of running away from those painful parts of myself, I ‘settled down’ in London.  I started searching for meaning and belonging in socialising, relationship, work and my own home.  And still I felt that something was missing.

In 1999 I began weekly yoga classes which felt like a healing balm amidst the craziness of city living.  Feeling inspired to deepen my yogic practice and knowledge, I completed a two-year Satyananda Yoga teacher training course at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales.  Then went on to complete a couple of year-long meditation courses based on Yogic and Buddhist philosophy.  I also studied Tantra and Ayurveda in London and India.  

This period was challenging and profoundly life changing; and became the foundation of a life-long commitment to self enquiry and a spiritual quest for truth, wholeness, freedom and love.  I realised my calling was to share these universal wisdom teachings with others.

The Healing Arts

I started as a massage therapist over 20 years ago, and expanded my offerings to include yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, nutritional therapy, transpersonal counselling, personal coaching, metaphysical medicine, somatic intelligence and Reiki.

Working intuitively to facilitate life changing and sustainable transformation, I feel called to be of service by offering people a safe space to heal and harmonise their lives. 

“I’m passionate about holistic wellbeing, conscious and embodied living
and supporting people awaken to their creative potential and essential nature.”

Wendy Young


May 24, 2020

'Together with Wendy I started an incredible journey to heal myself. Accepting whatever is and most importantly she guided me gently to get out of my cognitive space and thinking but rather experiencing and feeling the body. Wendy also provided loving guided meditations which I found so supportive in between the weekly sessions. Thank you, Wendy, for your compassion and love. I will always feel connected to you.'   Ulrike Schottler 

Katelyn Smith
December 9, 2017

'Dearest Wendy, where do I even begin!  Thank you of your light, unconditional love and dedication to my soul.  You have helped me grow more than you will ever know.  This journey with you has been incredible and you have helped me realise that I am worthy of happiness and joy.  Thank you and love always.'