Courses & Workshops

Emotional Intelligence: 3-Month Meditation Course on Saturdays from 9:30 – 11:30am

In invite you to explore and experience the transformative power of somatic meditation in a safe space and compassionate container.  Learn practical, accessible and deep techniques, as well as life skills, to grow in resilience and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs.  Experience the peace, aliveness and joy of your real self.

A body-orientated process to:

  • deepen in self-awareness,
  • facilitate bodymind healing,
  • cultivate emotional intelligence, 
  • access the messages and wisdom of the body and
  • support the momentum of your awakening.

Everything we experience is felt in our bodies.  When we experience traumatic situations, these experiences and overwhelming feelings get stored in the body’s cellular memory or nervous system.  When we do not allow ourselves to fully feel what we are feeling, it affects our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Processing our emotions in this way, perpetuates physical dis-ease; leaves us feeling limited and isolated and unconsciously distorts many of the decisions we make in life.       

Drawing on the wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda and Buddhism, as well as psychology and nearly 20 years of therapeutic and personal experience, I use mindful movement, enquiry, meditation, focussing and facilitation. 

Components of this course include:

Sitting in Circle and in Presence: connection, authenticity and compassion

Cultivating Receptivity and Sensitivity: listening and feeling

Giving and Receiving: vulnerability and feeling met

Nervous System: self care and resourcing

Meditating with the Body:

  • relaxing the body
  • establishing a relationship with the ground beneath (earthing)
  • awakening the lower belly space
  • locating and releasing inner tension
  • bringing energy (prana) to a cellular level
  • accessing inner stillness of the body

Time:              9:30 – 11:30am        

Dates:             September 2nd, 16th & 30th; October 14th & 28th; November 11th & 25th

Venue:          Blairgowrie, Wise Living home practice

Cost:               R2 800 which includes recorded guided meditations and weekly support; R1 000 non-refundable deposit secures your place; payment options available
To book:         Space is limited to 12 people, please email to book


Monthly Master Class on Sundays from 9:30am – 12noon

An invitation to deepen in your yoga practice, personal transformation and spiritual connection:

10th September – Pranayama (breath work): Supporting Spring Change

8th October – Mudra (hand gestures) & Bandha (energy locks): Clearing Blocked Emotions  

12th November – Mantra (chanting): Opening the Heart

The focused intention for September’s master class is Pranayama: Supporting Spring Change.

Pranayama in Sanskrit means ‘expansion of the dimension of vital energy or life force’.  So pranayama practices use breathing to activate and regulate the flow of prana (life force) in the energy channels and to bring body and mind into union. 

To create the foundation for change, we must first do some internal ‘spring cleansing’.  The weeks leading up to the Spring Equinox on 22nd September, is a great time to assist our body-mind in natural cleansing so that we feel refreshed and ready to embrace change. 

This master class will include asana (movement) to support liver detoxification, pranayama to heat, purify and balance the nadi’s (energy channels) and meditation practices to identify and release habits that no longer serve us. 

You will benefit from attending one or all of these master classes.

Time:             9:30 – 12noon        

Dates:            September 10th ,  October 8th  November 12th

Venue:           EQ Centre, 4 Ashwold Road, cnr Jan Smuts Avenue, Saxonwold

Cost:              R350 per class

Booking:        Space is limited to 16 people, please email

Please share this invitation with anyone you think will be interested, thank you.

Hopefully see you on your mat!


Wise Cooking for Summer Living Workshops on Saturday 21st October & 18th November from 10am – 1:30pm

These vegetarian cooking workshops are inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and focus on food and spices as medicine: learn how to keep your immunity strong, treat inflammation and cool the effects of the summer heat.  Email for more information and to book – space is limited to 6 people.


Summer Solstice on Thursday 21st December from 6 – 8pm

Thursday 21st December is Summer Solstice.  Please join me for movement, mantra and meditation to celebrate and honour the Light: in ourselves, and in everything, and to reflect on our journey in a way that helps us connect with all that Is.  Please email for more information and to book – space limited to 9 people.

Twists and Curls of Life



“We do not practice mindfulness in Buddhism in order to repress our feelings, but as a way of looking after our feelings, being their sponsor in an affectionate, non-violent way. When we are able to maintain mindfulness, we are not carried away by or drowned in our feelings or in the conflicts within ourselves. We nourish and maintain mindfulness through conscious breathing and try to become aware of our internal formation and conflicts as they manifest. We receive them with love as a mother takes her child in her arms.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh, Extract from ‘Transformation and Healing’