Psycho-somatic Counselling

I am inspired by the spiritual teachings of non-duality.  I help you discover the intricate workings of the body-mind connection:  the external is a reflection of your unknown and unhealed aspects.  Transformation is the natural outcome of awareness.  By learning self-awareness you can access your unbounded potential.

All life is inter-connected. You are intimately related to life and in relationship with life. In fact you are Life. So as you evolve, grow and transform you benefit not only yourself but all those around you.

I would like to share testimonials from clients to express the essence of this work.

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I have received life coaching with Wendy over a period of several months as I was undergoing several life changes at once such as relocating back to South Africa, career changes etc.  Wendy is deeply intuitive, compassionate and insightful. Her practical and holistic guidance enabled me to implement simple changes in my daily routine that allowed me clarity and a feeling groundedness from which to make important decisions. I would highly recommend Wendy’s services as she is deeply committed to her clients’ needs.  She is extremely honorable and dependable in all she does.


Michelle Thulkaanm December 5, 2014

Thank you for your vulnerable, authentic and heart-felt sharing.

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“By being still everything is illuminated.
When everything is illuminated there is no difference any more
between stillness and movement.”