Metaphysical Medicine

I have created a unique system of metaphysical medicine: this draws on my in-depth knowledge of Yogic philosophy, practice and psychology; the spiritual philosophy of non-duality; Ayurvedic practices as well as a range of healing modalities.

Through a bespoke combination of energy medicine principles, counselling and somatic awareness, I work directly with the chakras, meridians (energy channels) and body sensations so that you can feel and integrate the body-mind connection.  This accesses and holistically harmonises the root mental/emotional cause of physical dis-ease.  I also use herbal medicine and nutrition to support the body and nervous system, which in turn, supports the psychological release.  Body, heart and mind  now have the space and knowledge to return to their inherent states of vitality, openness and peace.

I have experience with the following health projects:

Hashimotos disease
High blood pressure
Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis
Hormonal imbalances, PCOS, Infertility
IBS, Chrohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis
Panic attacks and anxiety

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'Wendy has helped me enormously in addressing a problem in my lower back over the past year. This was the result of too many hours spent over a computer, as well as exercise that added to the problem.

I found that neither physiotherapy nor biokinetics was able to sustain a healing process, and I was told that a back operation was inevitable in the longer term.  However, a mixture of Wendy’s deep tissue Ayurvedic massage, simple yoga exercises, herbal remedies and her crystal clear insights into life’s intractable issues have helped me to find a way through the relentless pain. 

I highly recommend Wendy: she is without doubt one of the best practitioners with an invaluable combination of skills that I have had the good fortune to encounter during this journey with a “bad back” and I have been free of back pain for over a year.'

Reville Nussey January 16, 2014


“There is no such thing as spiritual development or Higher Self or Greater Self or Lower Self.
There is nothing to find, nowhere to go, nothing to reach up to.
There is however LIFE , human life capable of Being itself.
And that is already present in every moment of every day.”

— Marion Woodman