Seeds of Spring

Nature teaches us that space contains infinite potential and is the seed of all creation.  So from the space, quiet and rest of the Winter, comes the potential for rebirth and new possibilities of the Spring.  I invite you to take a few moments now to reflect on what seeds you wish to plant this Spring?  They could be seeds pertaining to your health, to your transformation and growth, to birthing a new relationship or career… the possibilities are endless… the seeds of Spring are yours for the planting.

Spring Cleanse

When we take our food in harmony with the seasons and our unique body/mind constitution, we strengthen our rhythms which support an optimal state of health. By observing the seasonal influence on our nutrition & lifestyle, we remain in harmony with nature. This is the easiest way to keep our body and mind in a state of balance.  Now, at the junction of the seasons, is the best time to cleanse.  Treat all seasonal imbalances manifesting as allergies, sinusitis, coughs, colds & congestion, low energy, impaired digestion and lowered immunity.  Please contact me to book your change of season session and to personalise a detox programme to help you stay healthy and vital this Spring!

“When you fast, for a moment your nature is cleansed.  With a pure heart you may then enter the garden to become the light burning like a yogic flame.  Then each cell becomes a link that connects you to the Ultimate Source.”    Dr Ram Garg, Ayurvedic Practitioner

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