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I just want to say thank you for the first session of this new chapter last night – I was so moved by the experience and going from a cognitive position to a more embodied feeling one is a new experience for me and one that I am fully committed to exploring – I  feel that this is a missing piece of the puzzle for me as I am trying so hard to move forward and change the dynamics of how I live my life and the experiences faced and manage myself with much more care.

I am making the connection that feeling-energy stuck in the body leads to illness and I am absolutely not going down that road again – these are my second chances and I am taking it all in with both hands – and gratitude

Tanya February 15, 2018

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Dearest Wendy
Where do I even begin!  Thank you of your light, unconditional love and dedication to my soul.  You have helped me grow more than you will ever know.  This journey with you has been incredible and you have helped me realise that I am worthy of happiness and joy.  Thank you and love always.

Katelyn Smith December 9, 2017

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I suffered from severe eczema and depression from the age of 16 years old. I spent thousands of Rands within the medical field trying to find relief from this debilitating condition which affected my physical, mental and emotional ‘existence’ for almost forty years.

I met Wendy during her meditation course and discovered that she is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Life Coach. I had nothing to lose as I was so desperate for help that I made an appointment to see her.

Wendy literally turned my life around with her gentle teachings of self care, nutritional guidance and Ayurvedic herbs which helped to balance my mind and body.  This in turn cleared the eczema for the very first time since I was a teenager!

Through Wendy’s dedication and sincere caring, I now have a better understanding and awareness of the interconnectedness of how my body and mind work.

My gratitude  towards her will never be forgotten.

Cassi Volkwyn February 10, 2016

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My journey with Wendy started with yoga, and after a few months I felt I'd like to take this journey further as I was already beginning to experience the benefits of this new lifestyle. I then began coaching with Wendy on a bi-monthly basis. From the first session we uncovered the self limiting beliefs and fear based patterns that were present and ruling my life.  During each session Wendy gently guides me to do the work within, and in so doing, allowing me to live the newness of life as I'm learning not to be controlled by these old patterns.

I leave each session feeling at ease and renewed, having learned a lot about myself.  Wendy helped me live the following: "Know thyself, Be Thyself and love Thyself". Each session is a profound experience... and this is only just the beginning!

Thank you Wendy, for being part of my journey. Thank you for being an amazing mentor.  I'm glad and blessed to journey the road of self acceptance and self discovery with you. Thank you for helping me see the potential and beauty within.  May you have prosperity in your practice and all your endeavours and continue to shine your light so others can see the light within.

Harvard Letsoalo July 22, 2015

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I am thrilled I participated in the 4 sessions of wise cooking for summer living .  I gained an appreciation for the energetic essence of freshly prepared food and gained insight into the value of "simplicity in a meal, complexity in the week".

Wendy conveyed essential elements of Ayuverdic cooking in a easy, wholesome way and  to my delight I find myself preparing a meal with greater reverence for the process of converting fresh produce into a delicious meal".

Marianne Felix March 25, 2015

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Thank you so much for the meditation course. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with a deeper part of myself that I haven't allowed myself to before, and although it has definitely brought up many challenging feelings, I'm very grateful for the experience.  I have started to meditate everyday in the mornings right after I wake up, and am finding that this helps me to start my day off less stressfully (even when there is no power!)  I know that the journey of self enquiry has only just begun though, and I look forward to learning more. Thanks once again for providing the opportunity for this!

Jenna van Schoor December 5, 2014

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I have received life coaching with Wendy over a period of several months as I was undergoing several life changes at once such as relocating back to South Africa, career changes etc.  Wendy is deeply intuitive, compassionate and insightful. Her practical and holistic guidance enabled me to implement simple changes in my daily routine that allowed me clarity and a feeling groundedness from which to make important decisions. I would highly recommend Wendy’s services as she is deeply committed to her clients’ needs.  She is extremely honorable and dependable in all she does.


Michelle Thulkaanm December 5, 2014

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Since I have started regular yoga and meditation practice, I have seen some really impressive changes in my life. Funny enough others have seen it too.  Often asking how and why is it that I'm always happy. The answer can really be my regular yoga and meditation practice.

First and foremost, it is helping me understand and accept myself. For instance now I no longer live in a constant state of being driven by what happens externally to me. I acknowledge what's happening in my environment, notice how my body is feeling (and thus allowing it to be without judgment) and then just change my response to the circumstances.  I feel more at ease, less inclined to control things, more open minded and my posture has become better.  For exams, I have actually learned techniques to help me calm myself and increase concentration.

Thank you Wendy, you made me feel welcome and at ease from the first time I came.  You ensure that the lesson is beneficial for everyone and I have seen how you work with the other "students" in the class and I notice how you always go that extra mile. Thank you for making it enjoyable, you are an amazing teacher.

Harvard Letsoalo November 7, 2014

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'I was just transiting Jo'burg and booking a consultation with Wendy was done very much on a whim. It proved to be a very auspicious one and turned into a full consultation and several follow up sessions. They were all immensely beneficial. As a retired International Civil servant I'd guess I'm not the easiest of clients. Wendy's holistic approach was just right and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services. I suspect that in my professional life I used that phrase rather too freely. This time I sincerely mean it.....'

Andy Bearpark May 19, 2014

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'Dear Wendy

I was touched this morning.  Your newsletter arrived and I could feel a potency emanating from it.

I found myself simply falling into peace, gratitude, and realised what was happening; bliss is, after all, an extraordinary feeling.

It seems to be a combination of the vital fire of life, mixed with absolute peace. It has a supernatural quality, a sumptuous calming joy, penetrating, melting away what stands between you and the knowledge of unconditional love ... my heart feels like a flower endlessly unfolding into the warmth of it.

I feel this unmistakably in your presence.  Thank you for walking the path for all of us.'

Dakini Crystal May 5, 2014

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'It was a pure gift of synchronicity that I was afforded the privilege and opportunity to partake in a tailor-made programme with Wendy Young of Wise Living. I got to clearly see the concept of holistic healing through the lens of the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. Wendy has a beautifully gentle, organic approach, working with what I brought to each session. Thank you Wendy, for awakening my body to the subtle and profound wonders of mindful Yoga practice, for introducing me to an array of practical and inspiring Ayurvedic lifestyle changes and for your uniquely warm, empathetic, open and sensitive approach. There were many insights, much was discovered, processed and released. A safe space to reveal, feel and heal.'

Penny Wenger February 7, 2014

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Wendy is a generous teacher, who is whole-hearted in her approach and embodies ‘wise living’. She connects deeply with her clients, whether one-on-one or in a group setting, which enables her to help her clients achieve the changes they want to make in their lives. I particularly like the way she integrates her diverse knowledge and experience to create a simple, practical plan that addressed my physical, emotional and spiritual needs and was easy for me to apply in everyday life.’

Lee-Anne Valleé February 7, 2014

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'Thank you also for the time you took on Tuesday, to speak to me about your work around spiritual coaching and holistic therapy.  It was very inspiring to hear about your approach to invoking your clients' inner teacher and inner knowing, in order for self healing and true empowerment to take place.  I love the way you describe how true  yoga-based coaching will open and allow, rather than to encourage the client to push, strive, and achieve, always identifying with a goal or purpose, and being attached to the outcome of one's efforts.'  

Debbie Bhanda February 7, 2014

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'Wendy has an infinite amount of knowledge on Ayurveda as well as the ability to bring these ancient teachings to life and apply them in a modern day world. Recipes were breathtakingly simple yet complex in flavours. It has completely changed the way I look at cooking and eating!'

Shayna Beegte January 16, 2014

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'My relationship with food in the past was in the confines of - eating to refuel. And my relationship with spices was generally to throw anything "spicey" into a meal i prepared, with no thought to the internal process. Wendy in her beautiful gentle way introduced another aspect of food and spices to me. I loved the Ayuverdic summer cooking course and can not wait to be delighted with new found knowledge in the winter course.'

Ursula m van Graan January 16, 2014

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'I learned a great deal and had lots of fun during the winter cooking course. I have also felt great since eating the Ayurvedic meals which I now cook almost everyday. The best surprise was my family’s reaction to the change in diet, they all enjoy typical Western food with meat at every meal, so I was a bit worried introducing the new dishes...but they now request the vegetarian meals! I look forward to more classes. My whole attitude to cooking has changed and both shopping and preparing the meal has become a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.'

Jean van Zyl January 16, 2014

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'I went for my first yoga therapy session last night with Wendy. What an experience, I am so grateful for the gift, otherwise I would have not had such healing and relaxation. When I left her I felt as if I had had an incredible body massage and Reiki, I was so relaxed and calm. She met me right where I was in fitness as well as mentally and emotionally. She gave me space and opened my mind and body, in short she gave me hope back, it feels like a negative block that I have not been able to shake has shifted. Thank you, I feel inspired and am looking forward to life again!'

Catherine Horn January 16, 2014

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'What I love about Wendy, is that she is not only deeply intuitive, and able to work with people to get to the heart of what really matters, she is also able to draw on her extensive experience and expertise of complementary therapies, nutrition, yoga and meditation to offer practical, simple ideas, solutions and practices to make the changes that make the difference AND help you sustain these because they suit your particular requirements and lifestyle. I learnt more about managing my wellbeing from Wendy in one consultation than I learnt from reading reams of books, websites and attending many workshops over the years.'

Lee-Anne Patterson January 16, 2014

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'Thank you for the Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation last year. I was very impressed with how you correctly picked up on my dosha by checking my pulse and asking questions. I am taking the Ayurvedic powders as suggested and have found an improvement in my condition. I am also grateful for the advice relating to beneficial foods. It takes some time to change one's diet but I can definitely see the importance of properly combined food. I am also grateful for some of your guidance regarding my personality.'

Ilse Hahn January 16, 2014