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‘They say that you are prone to anxiety genetically and that it often takes an “incident” to bring this out. I have anxiety and to me it felt like something I wanted to get rid of, find out why this is happening to me and stop it immediately. I felt incredibly weak that I could “allow” a disease of the mind to control my well being!

I sought Wendy’s advice a few months into this, expecting a miracle to happen “over night”. After all, if this is a disease of the mind, I can surely control it!

What a journey it is! Wendy in her wise, calm way, eased me into Listening to myself, my inner wisdom which ultimately guides us all. This of course did not happen overnight and I sometimes needed some prodding, which she gently did. Ultimately, nothing was rushed on me and I overcame each milestone as was right for ME! I learnt to accept my season and its fruit, to gently work through it, sit with it and understand the message that I was receiving. I believe that this has come to me to learn from and so I have. Now I can self-talk and breathe my way through any situation. Her approach is holistic, including what is needed in each session and can incorporate anything from yoga poses, breath work, a talk, just listening, massage to energy healing and diet.

Wendy is a teacher who allows her students to come to their own realizations while gently guiding them (not shoving her own view on you). She has taken me from a neurotic over thinker, obsessed with the doom of everyone around me, including myself, filled with fear, to some-one who is more self aware, growing in faith and the inner awareness that now guides me. I still have fear but I can hear the inner voice guiding me and reassuring me now!

Wendy has not only helped me overcome my anxiety (helping me to accept it and live with it, seeing how far I have come and what I am capable of) but has even helped me in other aspects of life (including my children, marriage and everyday emotions like anger, jealousy, etc.)

She always thinks before answering a question. I have always left her feeling refreshed, satiated and most importantly – well in body, mind and spirit. I still have a long journey ahead of me and Wendy will be there guiding me.

I recommend her services to anyone trying to live a more meaningful life.’

Ramona Sewlal January 16, 2014

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