Life Coaching – Helen Mattisson

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‘As this year comes to an end, it has given me time to reflect on the year that has passed and the journey that I face in the coming year. I want to “thank you” from the very bottom of my soul for all that you have done for me this year. I recall the old saying “when the student is ready, the master appears.

This has certainly been true in my journey with you. You have been the most incredible teacher and master. You walk your talk and you talk your walk! You have given new meaning to the words “take care of yourself” and “do not be so harsh on yourself”. As a result, my spiritual growth has happened in leaps and bounds this past year. I have learnt so much from you about acceptance and allowing. It has changed the way I run my business and how I interact with my clients and opponents. It has changed how I view my interpersonal relationships and my own workshops.

You are truly a soul coach. You are truly Wise and you have the ability to pass on your wisdom. You are truly Insightful and Sensitive and I thank you for teaching me how to be at Ease with myself, my life, my God, my Angels and within my own world.

I so look forward to our journey in the new year and to new energies and adventures!’

Helen Mattisson January 16, 2014

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