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‘Wendy has helped me enormously in addressing a problem in my lower back over the past year. This was the result of too many hours spent over a computer, as well as exercise that added to the problem.

I found that neither physiotherapy nor biokinetics was able to sustain a healing process, and I was told that a back operation was inevitable in the longer term.  However, a mixture of Wendy’s deep tissue Ayurvedic massage, simple yoga exercises, herbal remedies and her crystal clear insights into life’s intractable issues have helped me to find a way through the relentless pain. 

I highly recommend Wendy: she is without doubt one of the best practitioners with an invaluable combination of skills that I have had the good fortune to encounter during this journey with a “bad back” and I have been free of back pain for over a year.’

Reville Nussey January 16, 2014

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