Dr Karen Lazar, University tutor and stroke survivor

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Wendy Young has helped me transform my life from constant freneticism and over-stimulus, from constant repetitive noise in my mind, from physical contraction into a quieter, gentler and more spacious place. I am stronger and more resilient, clearer in my intentions, more comfortable in my body, gentler on myself and others.

Wendy is the most talented guide and teacher I have ever met, and I’m an educator myself, so I kind of know how learning works. I also thought that I’m so entrenched in my patterns that I may not be able to learn new pathways to health and insight. But transformation IS possible!

Through yoga nidra, some movement and breathing techniques and through her strong, subtle and beautiful energy, Wendy has helped me, one-on-one, begin the journey towards presence and stillness, so that the present moment, is the most delicious and sacred place to be.Where else would we need to be anyway?

This one word sums up Wendy and her teaching practices: IMPECCABLE.


Dr Karen Lazar, University tutor and stroke survivor June 2, 2016

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