Harvard Letsoalo

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My journey with Wendy started with yoga, and after a few months I felt I’d like to take this journey further as I was already beginning to experience the benefits of this new lifestyle. I then began coaching with Wendy on a bi-monthly basis. From the first session we uncovered the self limiting beliefs and fear based patterns that were present and ruling my life.  During each session Wendy gently guides me to do the work within, and in so doing, allowing me to live the newness of life as I’m learning not to be controlled by these old patterns.

I leave each session feeling at ease and renewed, having learned a lot about myself.  Wendy helped me live the following: “Know thyself, Be Thyself and love Thyself”. Each session is a profound experience… and this is only just the beginning!

Thank you Wendy, for being part of my journey. Thank you for being an amazing mentor.  I’m glad and blessed to journey the road of self acceptance and self discovery with you. Thank you for helping me see the potential and beauty within.  May you have prosperity in your practice and all your endeavours and continue to shine your light so others can see the light within.

Harvard Letsoalo July 22, 2015

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