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Since I have started regular yoga and meditation practice, I have seen some really impressive changes in my life. Funny enough others have seen it too.  Often asking how and why is it that I’m always happy. The answer can really be my regular yoga and meditation practice.

First and foremost, it is helping me understand and accept myself. For instance now I no longer live in a constant state of being driven by what happens externally to me. I acknowledge what’s happening in my environment, notice how my body is feeling (and thus allowing it to be without judgment) and then just change my response to the circumstances.  I feel more at ease, less inclined to control things, more open minded and my posture has become better.  For exams, I have actually learned techniques to help me calm myself and increase concentration.

Thank you Wendy, you made me feel welcome and at ease from the first time I came.  You ensure that the lesson is beneficial for everyone and I have seen how you work with the other “students” in the class and I notice how you always go that extra mile. Thank you for making it enjoyable, you are an amazing teacher.

Harvard Letsoalo November 7, 2014

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