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Robert Douglas

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Wendy is a healer who brings great compassion and wisdom to the therapeutic relationship. She has the depth of understanding, and of presence, to help clients plumb to the depths of what is holding them back. I recently experienced this for myself. During a session I was feeling unsure about what exactly was bothering me. On the surface I felt a vague anxiety, and sensed something that was not quite right. There was no outward reason for me to be like this, it was simply a sensation I’d been carrying around for a long time, and got used to. After some dialogue Wendy invited me to lie down while she did some Reiki on me. After a short while I felt something uncomfortable in the pit of my stomach. There was a feeling of sadness, although it felt stronger than sadness, and I identified it as ‘sorrow’ and ‘grief’. Sorrowful memories entered my awareness, but I tried not to attach myself too much to the stories, but rather to the feeling that I’d been avoiding for so long. I was able to grieve, and Wendy was expert in allowing me the space and time to feel and process what needed to be felt.

Afterward I talked through the experience with her, knowing that there would no judgement on her part, only compassion and understanding. Wendy has studied Buddhist and Yogic philosophy and is a very accomplished yogi. She is dedicated to helping others grow on path to wholeness, happiness and fulfilment. I heartily recommend her healing work.

Robert Douglas September 6, 2016

Dr Karen Lazar, University tutor and stroke survivor

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Wendy Young has helped me transform my life from constant freneticism and over-stimulus, from constant repetitive noise in my mind, from physical contraction into a quieter, gentler and more spacious place. I am stronger and more resilient, clearer in my intentions, more comfortable in my body, gentler on myself and others.

Wendy is the most talented guide and teacher I have ever met, and I’m an educator myself, so I kind of know how learning works. I also thought that I’m so entrenched in my patterns that I may not be able to learn new pathways to health and insight. But transformation IS possible!

Through yoga nidra, some movement and breathing techniques and through her strong, subtle and beautiful energy, Wendy has helped me, one-on-one, begin the journey towards presence and stillness, so that the present moment, is the most delicious and sacred place to be.Where else would we need to be anyway?

This one word sums up Wendy and her teaching practices: IMPECCABLE.


Dr Karen Lazar, University tutor and stroke survivor June 2, 2016

Life Coaching – Helen Mattisson

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‘As this year comes to an end, it has given me time to reflect on the year that has passed and the journey that I face in the coming year. I want to “thank you” from the very bottom of my soul for all that you have done for me this year. I recall the old saying “when the student is ready, the master appears.

This has certainly been true in my journey with you. You have been the most incredible teacher and master. You walk your talk and you talk your walk! You have given new meaning to the words “take care of yourself” and “do not be so harsh on yourself”. As a result, my spiritual growth has happened in leaps and bounds this past year. I have learnt so much from you about acceptance and allowing. It has changed the way I run my business and how I interact with my clients and opponents. It has changed how I view my interpersonal relationships and my own workshops.

You are truly a soul coach. You are truly Wise and you have the ability to pass on your wisdom. You are truly Insightful and Sensitive and I thank you for teaching me how to be at Ease with myself, my life, my God, my Angels and within my own world.

I so look forward to our journey in the new year and to new energies and adventures!’

Helen Mattisson January 16, 2014

Ramona Sewlal – Life Coaching

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‘They say that you are prone to anxiety genetically and that it often takes an “incident” to bring this out. I have anxiety and to me it felt like something I wanted to get rid of, find out why this is happening to me and stop it immediately. I felt incredibly weak that I could “allow” a disease of the mind to control my well being!

I sought Wendy’s advice a few months into this, expecting a miracle to happen “over night”. After all, if this is a disease of the mind, I can surely control it!

What a journey it is! Wendy in her wise, calm way, eased me into Listening to myself, my inner wisdom which ultimately guides us all. This of course did not happen overnight and I sometimes needed some prodding, which she gently did. Ultimately, nothing was rushed on me and I overcame each milestone as was right for ME! I learnt to accept my season and its fruit, to gently work through it, sit with it and understand the message that I was receiving. I believe that this has come to me to learn from and so I have. Now I can self-talk and breathe my way through any situation. Her approach is holistic, including what is needed in each session and can incorporate anything from yoga poses, breath work, a talk, just listening, massage to energy healing and diet.

Wendy is a teacher who allows her students to come to their own realizations while gently guiding them (not shoving her own view on you). She has taken me from a neurotic over thinker, obsessed with the doom of everyone around me, including myself, filled with fear, to some-one who is more self aware, growing in faith and the inner awareness that now guides me. I still have fear but I can hear the inner voice guiding me and reassuring me now!

Wendy has not only helped me overcome my anxiety (helping me to accept it and live with it, seeing how far I have come and what I am capable of) but has even helped me in other aspects of life (including my children, marriage and everyday emotions like anger, jealousy, etc.)

She always thinks before answering a question. I have always left her feeling refreshed, satiated and most importantly – well in body, mind and spirit. I still have a long journey ahead of me and Wendy will be there guiding me.

I recommend her services to anyone trying to live a more meaningful life.’

Ramona Sewlal January 16, 2014