Smile, Breathe, Go Slowly

This mindfulness mantra from Thich Naht Hahn is powerful in its simplicity.  Try it now and notice how it affects the state of your awareness in the body, heart and mind! 

There is so much expectation at this time of year to experience the ‘Joy’ of the festive season.  This expectation creates tension and disconnection.  Practicing this mindfulness mantra daily, brings us back to what we are actually feeling – in our bodies and hearts.  From this place of honesty we access self-compassion and self-care. And the mantra brings us back to the precious present moment.

Taking time to acknowledge what we feel grateful for is another way of returning to our heart’s innate state of openness and ease.  It is easy to feel gratitude for the positive, expansive experiences and a little harder to be thankful for the challenges.  Every situation offers a gift and a teaching, by realising the lesson, we can shift how we engage with ourselves and Life.  

Dedicate time during the holidays to breathe in gratitude for all you have experienced, learned and released this year.

 “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”
Thornton Wilder


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