Slow Spring Unfolding …

Slow Spring Unfolding

Can you make room for slowness in your life?  To feel and appreciate the sounds, sights and scents of spring life unfolding?

Since returning from my trip to India and 10 days in Fish Hoek over the winter months, I have been experiencing a profound surrender to what is.

A very practical impact of this on my daily life has been a slowing down and letting go of rushing, planning and controlling.  I feel more receptive to the wonder of life in each moment, a softening into my heart which feels as if I’m able to bring the gentle power of my heart more easily to each experience.  (There are situations that still push my buttons!)  I’ve also learnt that I can do things quickly with a slow frame of mind helping to transmute tension into relaxation.

When we rush we skim the surface of life experiences and miss a depth of connection with people and with the aliveness of life itself. We seek to cram in as many experiences as possible and seem to have lost the art of doing nothing, of slowing down and simply being – with ourselves and stillness.  Speed and busyness have become an addiction and a distraction.

Fast can feel busy, controlling, aggressive, rushed, analytical, stressed, superficial, impatient, quantity over quality.

Slow can feel calm, careful, receptive, still, intuitive, unhurried, patient, reflective, quality over quantity.

Every living being, event and process has its own inherent rhythm – nature teaches us this.  Be slow when it makes sense to.  Be fast when it makes sense to.  In this way you choose a way of being that can feel alive, connected and wise.


“Do you see that everything in the universe is simply doing its dance –

expressing itself the only way it can…

and this is happening in every moment. 

Seeing this clearly brings instant relaxation and peace. 


Because everything is doing the only dance it can,

what is there to worry about?”

                                                                                                                    Bhakti Maa

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