One of the main causes of disease in Ayurveda is crimes against wisdom (prajnaparadha). This means not listening to your inner sense of intuition as well as ignoring your past experience. Denying this wisdom results in acting inappropriately for who you are. This gives you great responsibility for your health and is a very empowering tool for taking control of your health.

Also classified under this heading is the restraint of natural urges (vegavrodha); no withholding the need of thirst, hunger, sneezing, yawning, crying, urinating, defecating, farting, burping, orgasm, sleep, waking and breathing due to over exertion. This does not mean wanton indulgence of your needs but also appeals to you to follow your physical needs without letting your mental attractions and aversions get in the way.

A teacher once taught me “graze like a cow and let your spirit soar”; when you eat lightly, your mind is clear which allows spirit to reflect in your mind. Live simply according to the needs of your body and let consciousness flourish. Simple and true! Ayurveda and Yoga both teach us that the practice of observation is the path to understanding.


“This is a time-body, but the Timeless lives in it.
The game of life is to go beyond the superficial self and find the non-dual wisdom and love-unity, which is the Timeless Reality.
It is here inside the cave of your own heart.
Take care of the body, but don’t worship the body.
Worship the one that dwells inside your heart.”
by Mooji

“Your body is the temple of your spirit. It encompasses a subtle body and a physical body. The subtle body is a complex network of energy within us that is composed of breath, memory, mind and intuition, and the capacity for consciousness. Our joy and well-being do not depend on our physical body, but on learning more about the spirit within us and the greater life force of the universe. This knowledge of spirit will actually help you take better care of your body and yourself as a whole.”
Extract from The Path of Practice by Bri Maya Tiwari

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