Returning to your Heart

A wise person once said, “Nature is held together by the energy of love.” I’ve always been fascinated by the innate wisdom of nature. Plants grow out of the mud up towards the light.

People grow in much the same way. If we deny the deep, dark places of the soul we dampen the fire that sustains our growth. But if we stay too long in those dark places we can become lost to our destiny, which is to evolve our heart to its fullest capacity.

Much of the time looking within may feel like we’re digging in the mud for lost, wounded fragments of ourselves. This is a necessary part of our healing, but is only half the story. The metaphor of the plant teaches that we cannot stay in the mud, our calling is also to reach for the light. Resolving past hurts gives us the confidence and energy to grow into the life of our Divine calling. This is the virtuous cycle of transpersonal growth. And the best way to sustain the cycle is by learning to re-inhabit our bodies and feel what we’re feeling.

My workshop Returning to Your Heart (Saturday, 26 November 2016) is an invitation to begin living from the truth and wisdom ever-present in the body. All that we’ve repressed, as well as all the blissful states of freedom – in fact everything we’ve ever experienced – is found in the body. The only way to heal our wounds is to fully open to the feelings and sensations in our bodies. Working with embodied feeling resolves unconscious patterns of repression and acting out.

“When we actually open and listen, then an entirely different relationship to life comes into being. Life continues to unfold as before, but because there is no one resisting it and no one turning away from it, there is no suffering, only the experience of openness, freedom, and joy – the experience of full embodiment.” (Reggie Ray, Touching Enlightenment)

Returning to your Heart workshop: 26th November 2-5pm, Alchemy Esoteric Wellness Centre, Linden

Experience the alchemy of allowing yourself to feel your feelings – especially painful ones – and its liberating effect not only on yourself, but on your parents and ancestors. By returning home, inside your body, you are able to release these contractions and help resolve the karmic cycle.

Drawing on the wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism, I use mindful movement, breathing, focused intention, stillness and facilitation.  This workshop is an opportunity to explore these sacred practices as a way of returning to your Heart.  Join me in discovering the hidden realms that lie within.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.”   Rumi

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