Returning Home to NOW

Are you aware of what you are bringing to the world at the moment?  What feeling do you imprint on Mother Earth with each step you take?  Are you tired, stressed, rushing to fit in extra commitments before the end of the year?  Are you adding to the feeling of chaos? 

I invite you NOW to pause.  Sigh the breath out through your open mouth and allow the next in-breathe to happen slowly through your nose.  Repeat this practice three times.  Then notice what changes you feel in your body and mind. 

During periods of high stress and busyness it becomes even more important to make time every day to re-centre back into your still point and into this moment.

Again, sigh out through your mouth, and breathe in slowly through your nose. 

It is only in the precious present moment that we access the innate state of wisdom, flow, abundance, love and freedom.  The simplest way of doing this is to become consciously aware of your breath.  The breath links body, mind and Spirit.  A great way to start on the path of Awareness, is by noticing the breath.  It is only through the astounding power of Awareness that we transform every facet of our lives and flow through Life’s challenges with ease and grace.

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