Remaining a Beginning Student

At the beginning of the year, I went to friends’ son’s second birthday party in Delta Park and had an opportunity to spend the afternoon with his cousins of a similar age… at one point we needed to make a trip to the loo, so off we went.  I found myself walking with a 19month old little girl.  The trip to the loo was an exploration of the present moment … into the tiniest details that I would have missed if it wasn’t for her inquisitive, alert and clear mind that explored the ants, grains of sand, the stones, blades of grass, fish in the fish pond and found a delightful freshness in everything.

It showed me how I meet life from a conditioned mind of preconceived views, expectation, judgements and preferences.  It reminded me of what one of my favourite authors, J Krishnamurti writes on Freedom, that to know Freedom is to let go of everything that I think I know!

Can I meet each moment with a fresh child-like mind of openness and enquiry?

Letting go of that which I think I know and opening into that which I don’t know….

And how does it feel to be open to the mystery of life in the present moment?

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