Open Hearted Posture

Change, new choices and different priorities can be supported by an open hearted posture.

Our posture can reflect to us the relationship between our inner and outer worlds.  A fear-based, anxious and vulnerable inner reality can be felt and experienced by a round shouldered posture which closes our heart.  The more confident we feel in our choices and decisions, and the more courageously we can embrace life from a place of trust and letting go, the easier it is to experience and feel this inner reality with upright and self-assured posture.

Poor posture is also an unconscious habit… we think too much and feel too little becoming disconnected from our bodies.  We can become aware of our posture during our hatha yoga practice, while walking, cooking, driving, standing, doing any household task and while at the computer.

How is your posture now?

How would it feel to sit fully into the back of your chair as you continue to read, allowing your spine to lift and lengthen so that your body feels supported by the chair?

How does this change in your posture

affect your breath?

the state of your mind?

the feeling of connection through your heart?

“Don’t belong to anything
Don’t belong to anyone
Just Be
Feel your Being first and foremost and don’t compare or compete
Just Be your Being”


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