Natural Wisdom for Spring Living

“Every impulse of intelligence in our awareness starts its journey from the source of life as love, and nothing else.”  Deepak Chopra

As we welcome the unfolding wonders of Spring with warmer weather, rains that nourish the earth, the return of animals and the growth of plants from their Winter hibernation, we also undergo an internal transformation. According to Charaka, a great Ayurvedic authority, 7 days before and after the Spring Equinox is the transition time to slowly make changes necessary to effortlessly and healthily welcome the new season on all levels and in all ways.? The Spring Equinox is the 22nd September.

According to Ayurveda, Spring time is Kapha dosha (earth & water constitution) predominant time, which brings the qualities that are heavy, cold, dull, liquid, dense, slimy, and oily. Although this simple list doesn’t seem to offer much information, it is actually quite informative. These qualities have accumulated through the Winter (another Kapha time) so following the Ayurvedic principle of “like increases like” we adopt the opposite qualities of hot, dry, sharp and light to treat any imbalance.

We are all familiar with Spring allergies, congestion, sinusitis and excess mucus. This is nature’s way of melting away our inner “cold”. ?So now is the time to melt away that which has built up in the winter and clear excess heaviness and toxicity so that we may feel light, refreshed and renewed.

Suggested Spring Routine:

  • Start to wake up 30 minutes before sunrise. Kapha time begins around 6am.? So as not to increase Kapha qualities in the body, it’s important to be up and moving before the sun rises to help move toxins and stagnant lymph that have accumulated overnight.
  • Morning routine can include: warm lemon and/or ginger water upon waking, abhyanga (self massage) with warm sesame seed oil before your shower, skin brushing (twice a week) and a brisk early morning walk!
  • Clean up your diet: just as we Spring clean our homes it’s time to Spring clean our inner home. Avoid heavy and dulling foods like excess dairy, wheat, oily and cold foods.  Continue to eat warming and astringent foods and spice them up with cloves, ginger, cumin, mustard seeds and black pepper.  Green juicing is a great way to detox the liver and cells.
  • Enjoy some type of dynamic daily exercise. The best way to move excess heaviness and stagnation is to move the lymph and blood that circulate throughout the body.
  • Slowly energize your Yoga practice with more challenging asanas which focus on the chest and stimulating breathing practices.
  • Meditation helps to digest the events of the day on a mental and emotional level allowing you to enjoy the precious present moment.  Daily practice is a profound way to help clear the ‘clutter’ from your life.

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