Letting Go

Our lives would improve immeasurably if we let go of past hurts and nagging anxieties and surrendered to the present moment. This is easier said than done. I’d like to answer three questions about letting go: What stops us from letting go? How do we let go? What happens when we let go?

By the time we reach adulthood we’ve undergone a lot of conditioning. It’s hard to let go of all the things we’ve been conditioned to believe.

A well-adjusted ego is important to survive and thrive in the world, but it needn’t hold us back from exploring our true freedom and potential. There is something more beyond the ego, and we can feel a yearning to be set free from the limits of our conditioning: societal, cultural, familial. What stops us from connecting more deeply to ourselves, friends and family, from expressing our creative talents? The main reason we stay stuck is because of fear – the fear of failure, loss, rejection, abandonment, judgment and criticism. This manifests in all aspects of our lives and is experienced as contraction and disconnection. At the root of this fear is the belief that we are separate. Our ego will always be there, but when we grow into Spirit we identify less with the contracted ego and more with the unbounded, unseparated Self.

How do we let go? Letting go of the ego’s story is the start of spiritual awakening. We start to let go of hurts and anxieties when we acknowledge what we are feeling, and allow ourselves to honestly feel it. This is a very important first step and too often neglected because of a strong conditioning to suppress our emotions. The breath is also an important tool in spiritual practice. Breath is Life, and Life flows through us in rhythms of expansion (in breath) and release (out breath). The out breath is a process of letting go. By relaxing and surrendering on the out breath we create a gap in the flow of mind-chatter and loosen our rigid sense of identity.

What happens when we let go? When we let go we reconnect to Being, back into the flow of Life and the precious present moment. As we let go of the mind chatter, we are able to feel Life, living from the heart: our lives become enriched with authenticity, love, compassion and joy.

If you feel ready to let go, come and see me for a session. I offer guidance and support as you discover your deepest soul’s yearnings.


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