Deep Allowing

Spiritual life teaches us to allow and to accept whatever is happening – to us, within us and around us.  This seems so simple, then why do we struggle against what is?  The conditioned mind has a way of rejecting our day to day experiences.  Physically we experience bodily unease or pain.  At a mental level, there may be a self-perception that says “I don’t want this,” or “I don’t deserve this.”  We also reject life with our intellect, coming up with all sorts of reasons why “this shouldn’t be happening.”  And the mind has a way of splitting off and attacking itself, “I shouldn’t be thinking or feeling this.”

Coming home to rest in Being, flowing with Life and relaxing into Awareness asks for a different approach.  Acceptance, allowing, surrender – whatever resonates with you – and when we stop and become still, we let Life in.  Life is not wrong or right, it’s not beautiful or ugly, it’s not meaningful or random – it just is. No-one, not an intelligent philosopher or the brilliant scientist, can argue this simple fact – Life just is. None of us really know why Life is here or what it means but we can feel it running though our veins, tingling in our cells and inviting us to follow its rhythms and dance to its tune.

To do this, we need to become aware of everything that arises in the present moment.  Notice the two parts of experience: that which is aware, and secondly, thoughts, feelings and sensations that move through Awareness.  Instead of identifying with the thoughts and feelings, give them some space and identify with the witnessing part of experience – that which notices and allows thoughts and sensations to appear and to disappear, like the vast blue sky allows clouds to drift through it.  Happy clouds, sad clouds; pleasurable clouds, painful clouds; peaceful clouds, turbulent clouds – all are allowed to move through the vast blue sky.  In this way, we sink into deep acceptance, feeling a sense of ease.

Sometimes we need a break from the busy-ness of doing so we can return to and rest in Being. In my healing sessions I offer you an hour of deep acceptance and allowing where you can taste and feel LifeLife just as it is, free of the mind commentary, free of self-judgement.  From this stillness and connection, insight and wisdom can arise.

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