Cleansing for a New Season

Global health has increasingly deteriorated in the past 50 years, where illness and pharmaceutical dependency is the norm.  Our bodies are besieged by WiFi, GMOs, electro-magnetic pollution, antibiotics, endocrine disrupting chemicals, toxic food additives and so much more.  If you are dedicated to a path of healing and awakening, it is important to cleanse and detox the body to increase your energy vibration. 

Fasts and cleanses are ancient Ayurvedic practices.  The best time to cleanse is at the junction of the seasons.  In preparation for the Spring Equinox on the 23rd September, I’ll be doing a ten day cleanse (12th – 21st September).  During these ten days I’ll eat a mono-diet of mung bean soup. The simplicity of this diet gives the digestive system a much needed rest from the rigours of processing diverse and often incompatible foodstuffs. The organs then have extra energy to repair and recover. 

But an Ayurvedic cleanse is not just a medicinal practice, it’s also good for the soul. There is a mystical connection between food and the soul.  Food can help to heal our emotions. And food can also be used to cover up our emotions through comfort eating.

Ayurveda has a very forgiving approach: no restricting diets, no self-blame, no judgement. Instead Ayurveda promotes a wise and balanced attitude to food. By eating what’s right for our dosha (unique body-mind constitution) we are able to bring harmony, vitality and moderation to our lives. Ayurveda does not view food in isolation, but rather within the full context of a healthy, happy life.

We all know that our state of mind when we eat is as important as what we eat. We intuitively feel that it’s important to enjoy food and that when we have a good meal we’re not only feeding our body, but also nourishing our soul. Modern science has little to say on this, but ancient science (Ayurveda) is premised on it.

A ten day fast will do wonders for your body and for your emotions. Our modern lives tend to be over-stimulated and when we relax from ‘stress’, we tend to stimulate the nervous system even more –  watching television, reading the newspaper, listening to hectic music, or snacking on something sweet. When we give our palate a rest we allow for any lingering, repressed emotions to bubble into the conscious mind. If we take the viewpoint that cleansing is part of a sacred healing practice, then we can embrace the opportunity to resolve blocked emotions.

So, please join me on this cleanse. Email me your commitment and receive all relevant information.  I will be offering daily check-ins during these ten days from 12th to 21st September.  And to complete this practice there will be a guided meditation for the group on Wednesday 23rd September, the day of the Solstice.

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